Why You Should Consider Moving to Wyndham City, Australia

Searching for new places to live in a country as vast as Australia can be overwhelming. Being a first-world country, most of its cities are well-developed, making almost any place a brilliant choice. But even so, there should still be a city that’s a cut above the rest, one that has a little more to offer than what others do. That can be said about Wyndham City, a suburban place along the Melbourne metropolitan area.

The city is perfect for those who want to start a business or advance their careers. It’s also great for families because schools and tourists attractions are abundant. That said, if you haven’t written Wyndham on your relocation checklist yet, now’s the time to do so.

Let’s talk about the reasons you should move to Wyndham.

Employment and Business Opportunities

If you’re looking for a new place of residence, then it’s already a given that you’re also searching for new employment or business opportunities. Wyndham won’t fail you, because it supports over 64,000 jobs and has an annual economic output of more AU$21.1 billion. Its Gross Regional Product is shown to be increasing steadily since 2013, and building approvals are on the rise as well. The population is climbing, too, because more people are discovering the benefits of the city in terms of economy.

If you’re an entrepreneur and/or an investor, you should look for available prime real estate properties around Truganina. The suburban city is one of Australia’s most significant industrial precincts. Melbourne at East Werribee also has the largest commercial greenfield sites, making Wyndham a remarkable business and investment destination.

The manufacturing industry contributes the most to the city’s economic output. The largest employers are those in the Transport, Postal, and Warehousing sectors, so you’re at an advantage if your field of expertise covers those.


There are already at least 69 schools near Truganina alone. Most schools are coeducational, but there are also a few female-exclusive schools. There are also plenty of Catholic institutions, so if that’s something important to you, then you’re guaranteed to find an excellent school for your kid/s. There are government and independent schools as well.

Primary schools are especially large in number, so if you’re a young family, then Wyndham is best suited for you. If you have a child going to college, they can consider Victoria University or the University of Notre Dame. If they’re interested in veterinary medicine, Melbourne University Veterinary School is also not far.



The healthcare industry in Wyndham is impressive as well. Two new healthcare projects are currently being developed — the Wyndham Medical and Services Centre and Wyndham Childcare Centre. The projects will offer modern workplaces, energy-efficient design, a vast area of medical accommodation, over 150 childcare facilities, proximity to Wyndham’s public and private hospitals, and outdoor recreational areas for staff.


Wyndham is brimming with tourist attractions where families can have fun on holidays. If you want to enjoy a swim or train to become a pro swimmer, AquaPulse is the place to go. If you crave for an adventure-filled weekend, you can explore K Road Cliffs and view the magnificent Werribee river below. If you like history and fascinating mysteries, go to Werribee Park Precinct and see a mysterious grand mansion for yourself.

Get close to nature and de-stress through bird watching. Thousands of migratory birds coming from Alaska, Siberia, and Japan travel to Wyndham every year, so don’t miss out on the chance to see them closely.

Horse racing fans will also find sanctuary in Wyndham because the Werribee Racing Club, which is the home of the Internationals during the Melbourne Cup Carnival, is also nearby. Many packages that include dining are available during race days.

And if you’re looking for a relaxing treat, just head to Season Spa Retreat and indulge in their luxurious services. With all these being said, we can all reckon that Wyndham is indeed a magnificent city full of amazing avenues for career and personal growth.

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