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Western Australia: A Thousand Journeys in a Single State

Western Australia is the home of diverse wildlife and lively Aussies. The Golden State is the largest state of the Commonwealth and home to a myriad of unique species and experiences. Whether you’re looking for real estate in Donnybrook, Victoria or simply a nice vacation in Donnybrook, Western Australia, this state has it all for you.


Donnybrook is not just a cozy town you can settle in, it’s one of Western Australia’s fruit-picking locales. Boasting apples, peaches, plums, and pear, orchards in this area offer picnic areas to eat picked fruits. Some areas also offer wine and cider, along with other amenities.

Areas like Neerabup and Bullsbrook offer strawberries, while Gingin and others offer olives. Some boast their organic farming techniques and animal-produced farm products. Farmer’s markets, which may or may not be pick-your-owns, offer pre-picked produce to eat there or at home.

Overnight Stargazing

Astro tourism is a marvelous way of connecting with nature and marveling at the beauty of rural Australia. As implied by its name, astro tourism is the concept of traveling to towns with low light pollution or excellent high peaks where stars and other astral bodies can be observed freely.

Some Western Australia towns take advantage of their area’s natural predisposition to astro tourism by designating observing sites for overnight stargazing. Carnamah, Cervantes, Morawa, Perenjori, and Wongan Hills are just some of the communities that welcome astro tourists.

Snacking with Quokkas

Less than a half-hour away from mainland Western Australia, Rottnest Island or Rotto boasts breathtaking beaches and hiking trails to adventurous tourists. Rottnest Island also has a delightfully small surprise: quokkas.

Quokkas are tiny, round marsupials considered a vulnerable species by Australia. Once widespread around mainland Australia, the critters called the world’s happiest animal—a nickname earned thanks to the wallaby’s apparent smile—is now mainly confined on Rottnest and Bald Island. Natural predators and contracted habitats are the main culprits for the petite wallaby’s loss of home.

Concerted efforts by wildlife preservation groups help quokkas maintain their current habitat.

Nature and City Comforts

Aerial view of Perth city skyline, Western Australia

Perth offers more than fantastic city tours. They boast wine regions, water-based activities and nature encounters, well-kept and healthy wildlife at their zoo, and hikes that can rival the astro tourist spots above.

City tours can be taken by Segways or by foot, based on neighborhoods or history, or other specific attractions. Water-based recreations can be found at Rockingham and Mandurah, while captive and healthy land- and air-based wildlife can be found at the Perth Zoo. Swan Valley offers wine, food, and art to tourists looking for relaxation and Freemantle has romantic to-dos for couples.

Swimming with Giants

No trip to Western Australia is complete without a dip in any of its fantastic beaches. Ningaloo Marine Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site for a reason. A world-famous fringing reef, a thriving ecosystem, and camps close to the water lure all types of tourists from around the globe. Aside from swimming along whale sharks and humpback whales, visitors can take to the sky on microlights to see the view from above.

Perth and other cities in Western Australia are highly urbanized, but they don’t neglect the nature that surrounds them. As a tourist—or a potential resident—it’s more than proper to leave things the way you’ve found them and to respect these locations. Not only are you avoiding hefty fines; you’re also helping preserve the beautiful views and spots for future generations.

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