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Unplug and Chill: Great Cafes to Visit in Baguio

Every day is a new experience in Baguio. In recent years, more urban dwellers have been looking at buying apartments for sale in Baguio. More want to settle here for good, feeling like it is no longer enough to visit frequently.

Cool air, fresh produce, a thriving artist’s community, and great cafes and restaurants are just some of the reasons Baguio is such an attractive location. If you are a foodie at heart, you will never run out of great places to go to when living in the City of Pines. Here is a quick rundown of favorite dining spots in Baguio.

Arca’s Yard

Offering one of the best views in Baguio City, Arca’s Yard has this serene and cozy atmosphere that visitors love. This place is ideal for people looking for some quiet and alone time. People go here for its homey vibe and the collection of arts and handicrafts in the restaurant. Arca stands for “Activities and Renaissance for Culture and Arts,” fit for its museum-and-gallery-restaurant theme.

Oh My Gulay

Located at La Azotea Building, 108 Session Road, this restaurant remains to be one of the most blogged restaurants in the city. It is famous for its healthy vegetarian food. Moreover, this artist café houses the Victor Oteyza Community Art Space (VOCAS). Surrounded by good food and art, this is the go-to place for artists and enthusiasts who love to enjoy good company and talk about art and food.

Baguio Craft Brewery

Looking to enjoy nightlife in Baguio? Baguio Craft Brewery offers an extensive list of craft beers. Discover art, meet new people, and enjoy a night full of music and laughter. This bar and restaurant offers 18 different kinds of beer best paired with local food. Their fruit-flavored beers, such as strawberry and passionfruit, are crowd favorites.

Pizza Volante

At the heart of the busy Session Road, Volante is the restaurant for pizza and pasta lovers. It is famous for its student-friendly meals priced between P150 and P300. People also order their fresh pumpkin soup to complement the chilly weather. The chocolate-vanilla affair, a mixture of warm brownie and cold vanilla ice cream, is another must-try.

Café Yagam

Hands holding a cup of co

Café Yagam is famous for its authentic Cordillera coffee and cuisine that includes pinikpikan and pinuneg or blood sausage. Another laidback coffee shop in Baguio, this place offers a warm and cozy atmosphere, thanks to the café’s fireplace. The setup of low chair and tables encourages customers to relax and unwind. There’s no need to hurry here. Café Yagam lets you experience the culture of Cordillera while delighting your taste buds.

If you have been wanting to escape the busy streets of Manila, Baguio has more than enough space for you. There are a lot of apartments and houses available for sale in the city or neighboring areas.

Relocating to Baguio might seem like a big move, but with the nice weather, good company, numerous activities and places to discover, it is sure worth the investment. These food stops and cafes are just a bonus to being a permanent resident. Who knows, you might even want to open one of your own.

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