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How to Make Your Real Estate Listing Stand Out

Aspiring homeowners can get easily overwhelmed with the number of online property listings available to them. Make your real estate listing stand out from the crowd with these practical strategies.

Provide as much information as possible

Most people will click on a listing randomly or because the picture or headline intrigued them, but they stay on the listing to learn more about whether the property is worth their time. If you’ve got a spare description box, you could potentially lose an otherwise interested client. This is why you should provide as much information on agent talking to a couplethe property as possible. This includes:

  • The style or design of the home (colonial, cottage, bungalow, etc.)
  • The number of rooms and their corresponding sizes
  • Key features (a pool, high ceilings, a fireplace, etc.)
  • Upgrades or replacements (a new roof, updated fixtures, HVAC system installed, etc.)
  • Relevant documents available (original sales contract, Energy Performance Certificates, homeowners insurance records, repair and maintenance records, etc.)
  • Description of location (close to a school, supermarket, etc.)

Make sure to keep it simple and format all this information in a way that makes it readable and accessible.

Film a virtual tour

You can reach a wide variety of people by including a virtual property tour in your listing. Virtual tours allow you to showcase many areas of the property that might not show up properly in photographs. This feature is especially relevant these days considering many people are either unable or reluctant to do a physical viewing at the moment.

Use keywords strategically

Grab people’s attention with a distinctive title that features keywords you know most prospective buyers are interested in. Be as descriptive as possible and prioritize special amenities and features that aren’t commonly found in most properties. Examples include high ceilings, a pool, hardwood floors, and walking distance to public transportation. Keep your target audience in mind and figure out what’s most important to them then highlight that.

Hire professionals

A professional photographer can take flattering, high-quality photographs of your property to use for your listing. You can also hire an interior decorator to spruce up the place and prepare it for both physical and virtual stagings. Unless you’re someone who can do it all, it’s best to hire people who are trained to do these things so you can ensure that your listing stands out.

Upload a floor plan

Uploading an image of a floor plan gives prospective buyers a good idea of the actual layout of the property, and helps them envision what it would be like to live there. It’s a simple strategy that works every time. 

Share the listing on your social media accounts

Don’t forget to share the listing to as many social media platforms as possible. This helps you reach a wider client base that you might not normally find on online real estate marketplaces. Use tags strategically so even more people can find you and your listings, as well. Put as much effort into your posts as you would your marketplace listings, and don’t just include a link or an image of your property. Rather, include all the necessary information and make sure your profile is public so people can inquire about these properties through these avenues, too.

Make your listing stand out among the millions of real estate listings being uploaded online every day by keeping these simple strategies in mind.

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