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Golf: a Sport that Everyone Should Play

Golf might seem uncomplicated, but it’s a sport with a lot more depth. While some people might dismiss it as a sport that’s simple to play and easy to master, it takes more than a golf club to play the game properly. Golf might not be flashy, but like any other sport, it requires skill and constant practice to get better.

Sadly, not many people can get into golf. It’s slow-paced, thoughtful nature can seem unappealing to those used to more energetic sports. It also has a high barrier to entry. Unlike basketball or soccer, golf requires you to have the equipment necessary to play. It does not often come cheap, as good golf clubs are often expensive. The courses that people play on are usually not affordable as well, and trouble can be found when looking for an accessible place.

Still, it’s not impossible to join a game of golf. Some country clubs have areas big enough to allow players to play. Many homes for sale in Grand Lake, Oklahoma have golf courses nearby for your perusal. Golf might not be the most accessible sport, but the health benefits and experience of playing it is well worth it.


The main reason to play golf is that it’s good for your body. Golf might seem like a tame sport, but it requires a lot of physical exertion. Having the proper stance, putting your energy into the swing, and standing under the sun can be challenging. Golf practice is even more intensive than that, requiring full use of your upper body as you keep practicing your swings and posture.

It’s also a very safe sport to play. One never has to worry about injuries because golf never forces contact between other players. Injuries are rare if they ever happen and are much tamer than other sports.


Golf is not just good for your body. It’s also great for your mind. While some sports rely on adrenaline and quick action, golf requires that you take a step back and evaluate the playing field. How hard you swing is not the only factor that you have to account for. You also have to know your capabilities and the local terrain. Like chess, golf requires you to balance risks and rewards appropriately, and it relies not only on brute strength but also on your strategy.


man in blue cap playing golf alone

Golf is not just a game against others. Golf is also a game you can play alone. Not many sports allow for this without ruining the core experience, and this gives golf a unique advantage. If you want to play with your friends and have a friendly competition, you’re more than free to do so. On the other hand, if you wish to relax and not to have to push yourself, then playing golf alone won’t change how you play.

Overall, golf is a game that everyone should try. It helps keep your body fit and your wits sharp. It helps you build healthy relationships with other people. It’s a game that you can play for your entertainment, and it keeps you fit while you do.

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