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Your Checklist to Ensure Pet Safety When Moving to a New Home

Having pets in your household brings joy to people who love taking care of them. Most of the 70% of American households who own at least one pet can attest to the joy pets could bring. But owning some furry babies isn’t that easy. You have to have great managing skills.

Being a pet parent is like a full-time job. You have to dedicate some of your time to giving your pets what they need. This includes making them adjust to some changes you’re going through. If you’re moving into another state or a new home, your pets should also be part of your every plan.

So how can you ensure the safety of your pet while dealing with the moving process? What are the things you need to do to give them proper care before and after settling in your new homes? Here are some tips you can apply to ensure pet safety.

Get them prepared

Your pets’ health is as important as yours. You would want to make sure that they’re in their best mental and physical state. Ensure this before letting them deal with the hectic moving. Get them checked by your trusted veterinarian. See if they need something health-wise before settling into another place.

You might want to get them prepared for the weather in the new city. Get them cozy cushions if you’re moving into a colder place. Another thing you could do is bring them occasionally to the house you’re moving in. This can make them more familiar and comfortable once they settle in their new home. Things like these could get your pets ready for living in another place.

pet safety

Home should be pet-friendly

A pet-friendly space is, of course, something you should be looking for when hunting for a new place to live in. Making sure that your pets can live comfortably in the new place should be one of your top priorities. The best real estate agents can find the perfect homes for you to check out. Once a place has been decided for a visit, you need to see how pet-friendly the home is.

Is there a backyard where your pets can play and relax under the sun? Is the place spacious enough for your pets whose going to live there along with your family? Are the fences high enough to safeguard your dogs and cats? You can answer these questions if you’re able to observe the place before settling in.

Safe neighborhood

Protecting your pets is a matter you should focus on when bringing them to a new environment. Dog theft has become prevalent, and you don’t want your pets to fall victims to this crime. A safe neighborhood is the only solution for this. You can ask your neighbors with pets about pet security in the neighborhood.

They can give you information about how safe the community is when it comes to owning pets. They may also be able to know if there is any history of pet risks within the neighborhood. It’s important to know these things so you’ll know what precautionary measures you should take.

Access to pet clinics

Pets can get sick at times. Worse is they might encounter emergencies that would need urgent medical attention. In this case, a veterinary clinic would be very helpful for you and your furry babies. These clinics should be located somewhere you can easily drive to in case of emergencies.

Veterinary clinics can also save you time if they’re nearer. You can manage to bring your pets and have them checked up regularly if the clinic is nearby. Living near a veterinary clinic can bring you peace of mind. This is true, knowing that you can easily go somewhere in case your pets need medical assistance.

Your patience

You’ll need a lot of this once you’ve moved into your new home with your pets. It’ll take time for your beloved pets to adjust to the new environment. This can test your patience in taking care of them. You should always be there for them since you’re the only face they’re most familiar with. Your pets, especially dogs, will hear many new noises in their first weeks after moving in. Cats may hide somewhere for an extended period. Always comfort your pets until they’re able to adjust to the new environment.

Your pets will need your guidance and help in the entirety of the adjustment period. Give them anything to make them comfortable in the new place. Keep their stress level low so that they’ll be healthy while adapting to the new environment.

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