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Eight Things to Do Before Selling Your Home

Are you considering moving, and getting ready to put up your home for sale? Check out some of these useful tips before listing your house on multiple platforms. They may require extra time and effort, but they sure will pay off.

Look for your papers

This includes property insurance, or HVAC, and smart home appliances manuals. The insurance will protect and cover you up in the event that an incident occurs, and the new owner tries to blame and sue you. While the manuals can help them get around the house with ease. So start putting together all your important documents today.

Improve the curb appeal of your home

The curb appeal is the first thing most home buyers look for, thus increasing the value of a property by up to 17%. Do not advertise your home without remodeling or renovating your outdoor space first. Assess if you can extend your interior to your exterior space. The more livable space your home offers, the higher the value becomes. Having a lawn is an advantage, as a well-maintained lawn boosts curb appeal, and makes your house look more inviting and welcoming

Get estimates

If nothing needs a major repair in your home, congratulations! It simply reflects your great overall upkeep. But that is not always the case. More often than not, properties require a major renovation, which may include the ventilation, roof, or furnace system. Estimate how much the total renovation will cost. You may seek the help of a professional contractor to get an accurate result. Undoubtedly, a repair can be a pain, but even a small damage can serve as a drawback to potential buyers, so it is important to work through it.


As a minimalist may say “less is more.” Is there furniture that doesn’t add value but consumes too much space? Consider discarding it. Keep only valuable and useful items. Some just make your house look cramped and cluttered. When arranging your furniture, home experts suggest achieving a cohesive appearance.

The shapes, lights, and colors will play a major role here. For instance, a full-length mirror in the living room can reflect the natural light, making it appear bigger. In terms of repainting your house, light colors are recommended as they create a more spacious ambiance.

Should you need more insights on how to rearrange your home, machine learning, and image recognition technologies come in handy. They are designed to automate home evaluation, helping you determine which areas of the house need improvement. DIY home decors schemes can give you unique ideas, too. Just look for credible sources online.

Clean your space

Family home with landscaped front yard

Dust and dirt can be a turn off to potential buyers, so you want your property to look as tidy as possible. But do not just clean up the interior, as your exterior space is an important factor, too. This may include the gutter and the roof. Also, pay attention to the areas that need repair. Because cleaning the roof can be hazardous, do not hesitate to ask the assistance of a professional if necessary.

Make it smell good all the time

The scent of your home is one of the things that home buyers will notice when they visit, so you want it to smell fresh and clean all the time. Scented candles and potpourri make an easy remedy. They can make your home smell amazing without spending much.

Take photos of your property

When done decluttering and cleaning up your space, it’s time to take some photos of your home. The photos should showcase the full views of the house interior and exterior from various angles and perspectives, allowing them to see if it’s the ideal place for them. Better if you have a drone to provide the aerial footage. But if not available, finding the right angle using your smartphones will do.

Get in touch with a real estate agent

This is ideal for homeowners who have zero experience with real estate. An agent can help you find potential buyers and negotiate for you at a great price, so look for a qualified real estate agent who can help sell your house fast. Ask your personal networks if they know one, or look on multiple listing services (MLS) online. Take into consideration someone with excellent reviews.

Preparing your property before selling it is important so you can show it to potential buyers in case they plan to visit it sooner than you expected. In addition, it also helps you sell your home fast at a great deal.

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