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Check that Power Tool Privilege: Managing Home Repairs during Lockdown

The pandemic has sure created a lot of new things for us to get around. For sure, you may have considered fixing a broken-down faucet or a crack on the wall by yourself. The CDC had said that it’s best to keep to yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that’s true right now.

Many people have decided to take things into their hands by trying to do home renovation chores themselves. Considering the number of home and lot promos that have been available on the market, that’s a lot of lost profit for home renovation contractors, although they are supposedly essential workers. That also goes for the repairmen that are supposed to help you fix your haywire home appliances.

The risk is there for both the people who need the repairs and the people who do them. But if you should honor the CDC’s call for physical distancing at all costs, then here are some tips on how you can stay with that commitment.

Safety Is the Priority

Repair workers are essential to the progress of things, so they still need to bring their tools and expertise. However, as part of the new normal of doing things, workers need to always wear masks while keeping a safe distance from other people inside the home or commercial space they’re working in.

Most companies have already supplied gloves and boots to their workers, but the masks are an added and crucial feature. Some companies have also reported that they didn’t have trouble adding masks to the protective gear; some already supply N95 masks to their workers.

Decide When to Make the Call

When something happens in your pad or your home, the first thing you’d do is call a professional. Since some repairs are real emergencies, workers are required to come to the scene. Something like an isolated power outage or a leak in your basement requires a professional to look at it.

In case it’s something like a busted wall or a faucet with a faulty stopper, you can easily replace it at the local store or patch it up — if you have the know-how. It really depends on whether the maintenance work requires a professional or something you can do yourself.

Home Repairs Seem to Be Piling Up

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There’s also a word that home repairs appear to be piling up. Perhaps it’s because you and other people may have stayed at home for too long, you’ve noticed things that need repair.

This is an issue since the repair crew that will come to your home may have come from other places already. As always, it all boils down to proper protective equipment. When you have a repair that the repairmen should look at, insist that they should wear protective equipment. You should also do the same too — complete with masks, face shield, and your hand sanitizer.

Stay in Another Part of the Home

Just as you are worried about your safety during a home renovation, so are the workers. They also have families and homes to go home to. That’s why, for the safety of everyone, it’s best to keep a good distance between you and the workers at your home. You should remember to put on a mask and face shield if you’re going to talk with them. Just so they can call you for confirmation on something they need to do, you can choose to leave your phone number with them.

Be Informed Before the Visit

As they try to adapt to the pandemic, most repair services have come up with safety guidance protocols that can be distributed to you. Before their visit, you may expect a call explaining this to you. This can also be done when you call them to schedule the appointment.

Mostly, they will ask about the project and the nature of the repair. Think of it like you providing them the make and the model number of a worn-down appliance or your car. Once they have these details, they may get on to scheduling the appointment. This is done so that they’ll have less time figuring out how to do the repair work.

It’s not easy to adjust to the pandemic, but we’ve found new ways of doing things under the new normal. The repair industry is no exception; since they’re so used to repairing things, they’ve also managed to repair their procedures. It’s up to you to make sure all parties follow these to ensure everyone’s safety at home.

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