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Beyond Comparisons: A Guide to Living in Alabang

“Traffic in the north is horrible but at least it’s more accessible than the south.”

“People from QC will never experience how peaceful life is in Alabang.”

“There wouldn’t even be a debate if public transportation was decent.”

Ah, the good old North versus South debate. Gather a group of Quezon City locals and Alabang residents and the conversation will eventually gravitate to the timeless good-natured banter about life in the two opposite ends of Metro Manila. Entertainment aside, is it necessary to compare when both sides of the metro have something amazing to offer potential homeowners?

Here are reasons that will convince you to secure a condo in Alabang.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds

Makati is one of the busiest cities in the entire country. On a normal working day, its estimated foot traffic goes beyond a million people. People go to the busy city every day to work, shop, and do business. If you work in Makati but are not keen on the bustling city life after work hours, you can stay in Alabang.

Alabang is the perfect place to settle down if you want to live close to Makati CBD but still be far enough to relax in the evening and during weekends in a laid back environment. Additionally, this southern city is the last city before Laguna and is a little over an hour away from Tagaytay, making weekend getaways easily accessible to you.

Accessibility is Key

Whether you prefer driving or taking public transportation, accessibility is a make-or-break factor for people who are looking for a new home. Fortunately, Alabang is only 30 minutes away from Makati CBD via the Skyway. You can also take advantage of the transport hub at South Station.

Transportation is not the only easily accessible amenity, though. Government branch offices, service centers, and retail establishments are conveniently located within approximately 15 minutes of each other. So when you have some errands at the post office or at the grocery store, you don’t have to spend hours on the road trying to be patient with the traffic flow. And you can easily go out with your friends on impromptu nights out or lunch dates without worrying about how far the establishment is or how long the travel time will take, because Alabang has its share of watering holes and restaurants.

Explore Unlimited Choices within Your Price Range

In addition to a laid back atmosphere and easy accessibility, Alabang features everything you will ever need at a price within your reach. From shopping malls for your retail therapy to service centers that address everyday household concerns, you will find an establishment that is within your budget.

Wide open spaces and lush landscapes aside, the city in the south is home to many malls:

  1. Alabang Town Center, which is a haven for expats
  2. Festival Alabang, which is perfect for a mid-range budget
  3. Starmall, which is a go-to community mall if you are on a budget

These malls have the same stores you will find in any of Manila’s malls — and to a lot more stores that are unique to Alabang. So, you are not missing out. You can enjoy comfort, exclusivity, and the availability of items and services at your preferred prices.

No Town Is Perfect But You Can Make the Most of It

Alabang is a great place to stay especially if you want to combine city living and a laid back environment. Despite the overall atmosphere in the southern city, no city in Metro Manila is perfect. Here are some things you should take note of before moving into your Alabang residence:

1.Heavy Traffic

heavy trafficThe traffic in Alabang is not as heavy as it is in EDSA. It is not as bad as the rush-hour traffic in the Makati CBD, either. But Alabang is not immune to the infamous traffic woes of Metro Manila dwellers. If you pass through the Alabang flyover to go to work, you can already expect traffic jams during rush hour and the occasional road blockage.


Many people who live in Alabang, especially those who live within the vicinity of the affluent Ayala Alabang neighborhood, have their own cars. So, transportation is not a major concern for them. Nevertheless, you can reach places by cab or other types of public transportation even if you do not own a vehicle.

3.Budget Cutting

People often associate Alabang with an upscale lifestyle. Undoubtedly, local establishments like Alabang Town Center feature a lot of boutique stores and restaurants with a relatively higher price range. With a little bit of digging, however, you can find places to eat and shop without worrying about denting your bank account.

Now that you are armed with information about living in the south without comparing the lifestyle with cities in the northern side of the metro, the next step is finding a place you can truly call your home. Given the activity of real estate development in Alabang, it is only a matter of time before you find a place to call your own.

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