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6 Considerations to Think About When Renting a Condo in Manila

Condo living in Metro Manila offers many advantages, especially to those who currently live in a province but work in the capital region. Unlike typical houses in urban areas, condominium buildings typically have more green space, offer better views of the outside world, and provide more peace to residents.

With so many condos for rent in Manila to choose from, selecting the right one is both difficult and exciting. Below are the things you should consider to pick the perfect place to live in the city.

1. Proximity to Workplace

First of all, make sure your chosen unit is close to where you work. Ideally, it should be within walking distance to your office or at least one bus or jeepney rides to justify moving from the province to Manila.

Not living in a city where you work diminishes the value of renting a condo. Considering that the worsening traffic conditions in the metro are not expected to ease until the many railway systems are finished, your everyday commutes can become a struggle if your condo is tens of kilometers away from your office.

2. Access to Public Transportation

Yes, rents of condos in the heart of the city are much higher than those of units located farther, so you may consider choosing a more affordable one. If this is the case, make sure you understand which public utility vehicles you can use to go to work and home.

It helps to know a friend you have been living in your prospective area to help you with your research and be more familiar to the local public transportation options. Of course, this should not concern you if you can afford to Uber or Wander daily or to buy your vehicle to navigate Manila’s streets.

3. Availability of Amenities

Swimming pool on top of a condoThe presence of restaurants, a gym, a pool, and other amenities within the building affects the rent. If you have no interest in these conveniences, you may be better off choosing a no-frills condo to save money.

4. Quality of Unit

Do not fall in love with a property you only see online. Visit it, and inspect each of its corners to determine what problems its pictures may be hiding. If the condition of your chosen unit is far from perfect, it can serve as a bargaining chip to negotiate for lower rent.

5. Security

Understand the security policy implemented in the condominium building. If you see guards seemingly making friends with practically all vehicles or letting almost anyone in without requesting for identification, it can be a sign that the complex does not have good security.

6. Length of Stay

If you see yourself in living in the unit for at least a year, use it to negotiate for a longer lease and smaller rent. Generally, condo owners find more value in tenants that intend to stay put longer, for a high tenant turnover can eat into their profit.

The quality of condo living you can enjoy is only as good as the uniqueness of your chosen unit. Go beyond the rent because it is not the only thing that matters.

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