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4 Reasons Why You Can Settle in Cebu Quickly Than You Think

The condo units in properties like 32 Sanson by Rockwell in Cebu are selling like hotcakes, which can be a good testimony to the growing interest of outsiders in residing in the Queen City of the South and its nearby communities.

According to the 2017 Commission on Audit annual financial report, Cebu is the richest province in the country, a feat it has enjoyed in the last four fiscal years. Also being the populous place in the Philippines, it has attracted many people from neighboring regions because of its large economy and vibrant culture.

But unlike Manila, those originally from Luzon may be slightly apprehensive about moving to the heart of Visayas. But is the level of adjustment attached to living in Cebu high?

The reasons below say that you may find it easy to settle in the island-province.

1. Cebu Is as Diverse as Manila

Non-Visayan groups, like the Tagalogs, can feel at home quickly in Cebu because it is similar to Manila on many levels. The province has been a melting pot of Filipinos from different regions across the archipelago. It is not uncommon to find someone from where you are originally from daily.

Moreover, Cebu has a reputation for being a favorite retirement destination of many expats from many parts of the world. There is a large number of Americans, Europeans, Middle-Eastern people, and East Asians that have made the province their second home.

2. Cebuanos Speak Good English

Not surprisingly, Cebuanos are excellent English speakers. Many of the locals find the language more comfortable to use than Tagalog, which is predominantly spoken in the country. No wonder many business process outsourcing companies and English learning centers have set up shop there.

One of the reasons why Cebuanos are proficient in English is that they like to use it casually. As long as you know how to speak English, learn some Visayan words, and use “bai” or “migo” when approaching a local, you should not have trouble conversing with anyone.

3. Cebu Never Runs Out of Ways to Entertain

a beach in Cebu

The province is one of the most visited places in the Philippines by tourists, international and domestic alike. Cebu is rich in iconic historical sites, stunning natural wonders, and living city attractions. Even if you live in a busy metropolis, one boat ride can take you to an entirely different world.

4. Sinulog Is Quite an Experience

The Sinulog Festival deserves its paragraph because of its immense importance to the Cebuano psyche. Held every third Sunday of January, this celebration is a traditional dance ritual honoring Santo Niño (Child Jesus). It is a performance depicting the Cebuanos’ pagan past and acceptance of Christianity, which is now the fabric of the province’s society.

As it gains worldwide attention, Sinulog has evolved into a multi-event celebration. Participants can now enjoy a myriad of activities, including cultural shows, fun runs, concerts, beauty pageants, street fairs, and art exhibits. Joining such a celebration is a fast way to embed Cebu in your heart and feel at home with it.

Cebu is not for everyone, but it has a long history of adopting Filipinos from other islands and foreigners who love the Philippines.

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